Air Ambulance

Medilink International operates an air ambulance service throughout the region from a number of air ambulance hubs throughout Africa. Medical evacuations are available both within the country and internationally and we offer a reliable air ambulance link to Europe.

Medilink’s Air Ambulance services are experienced in carrying out the transfer of patients within the region on a daily basis, including the medevac of patients with infectious diseases such as Covid-19.

Medevacs are coordinated by our Alarm Centre which is based in Malta. Our specialists in patient transportation are available round the clock to guide and support the doctors on the ground to prepare the patients for transfer. We work with hospitals in locations worldwide who receive and treat our patients.

Our Flight Medical Crew consists of a Flight Doctor and Nurse or Paramedic as minimum, with the option to add other medical crew members as required. All staff have a minimum of five years post-graduate experience in emergency medicine, anaesthesia or intensive care, and have training in aeromedical transportation.

Our air ambulance base in Malta is able to give an excellent response time to medevacs arising in Mauritania. We also have plans to establish a second air ambulance base closer to Mauritania.

Covid-19 Medevac Capabilities

Medilink, as a provider of medical services to entities operating in remote and extreme regions, has over two decades’ experience in the medevac transfer of patients with infectious diseases.

Medilink International personnel are at the frontline organising the air ambulance transfers of Covid-19 patients across the globe, in particular from Africa to Europe. We have the praxis, evidence-based expertise and infrastucture to respond to the particularly demanding, stringent healthcare protocols in place regarding the well-being, medical care and transfer of Covid-19 patients.

Our medevac operations are working to both repatriate patients to their home countries as well as to suitable third-country jurisdictions with the requisite and available healthcare capacity and capabilities to treat Covid-19 patients urgently.

For more information on Medilink Air Ambulance services, visit our subsidiary company MIAA.


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