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Medilink Mauritania opened in late 2020 and represents an important strategic addition to our international operations. From our base and dedicated clinic in the capital Nouakchott, Medilink International provides a full complement of professional medical support services to clients throughout Mauritania and North-Western Africa.

We offer our clients in Mauritania an immense depth and breadth of medical services with expertise focusing in particular on the exacting needs of multinational extraction and infrastructure industries operating in the country. Wherever our clients operate in Mauritania, Medilink has immediate response and full-service medical capabilities to support them efficiently, professionally and cost effectively.

The Medilink Nouakchott Clinic

Medilink Mauritania operates its own clinic in Nouakchott providing 24/7 medical care including emergency and life support capabilities. Staffed by two internationally-trained, emergency care Doctors supported by local nursing staff and ambulance services, the two-bed clinic handles also minor procedures and short-term admissions.

In addition, the clinic is your access point for a range of services including general practitioner consultations, occupational health services and pharmacy and medical supplies.

Of critical value to our clients in Mauritania is the back-up provided by Medilink International from its strategic base on the central Mediterranean island of Malta. Our offices in Nouakchott act as a hub for the delivery of a full range of Medilink International services throughout Mauritania, including medical evacuations, topside support and training as well as remote site medical services for clients based across the country.

Medilink Mauritania operates in 24/7 contact with our emergency alarm centre in Malta where we have our own dedicated air ambulances on emergency standby and also coordinate international medevac through trusted network partners.

Our Commitment

Since the start of our operations in the early 1990s, Medilink has sought to build up local capabilities by creating opportunities for skills transference and investing directly in key regions. This mission has enabled us to ensure the sustainability of projects and services and to leave a positive legacy in the communities in which we operate.

Medilink Mauritania operations are staffed by teams comprising both local and overseas medics and support personnel trained to international standards.

By drawing on the specific regional expertise of Mauritanian personnel, we also gain invaluable insights on the ground. Our commitment to local expertise provides added value to international entities operating in Mauritania who benefit from local know-how and a seamless, fast and more cost-effective service delivery.



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